About Us


Welcome to the land of the wild west! Except with a lot less tumbleweeds and a bit more fashion. If you love western fashion and want to show the world your unstoppable attitude, then you should keep reading. Western Wears combine the best of traditional western elements with a modern woman’s touch. Handcrafted with exceptional care. We offer only the highest quality fabrics, trims, and hardwares at an affordable price.


What started out as a small western retail boutique, called Chic Avenue, opened by a settler to North Texas in 1998 has grown to become one of the largest western accessories and apparel manufacturers in the US. Our customers are bold and proud with a deep love of family and Country, and we wanted to honor that spirit with a label and collections that reflect that essence. With great design and uncompromising value we bring the most prolific offerings of products to the western wear market.   In addition to our origins in western accessories, we have grown to offer a broader selection of western wear apparel, men’s accessories, western-inspired fashion, and western style jewelry. It is a continued privilege to bring to our customers great design, quality and value in the western wear genre. 
Our vision is simple: to honor the American spirit and history.


More than anything, we celebrate the values of honesty, hard work, ingenuity, and perseverance.
We will continue to bring innovative, quality, and fun products to delight and inspire the American cowgirl and cowboy.